The Original & Awarded Series Made In Paris


"The life of ME changes when the famous cyber-hacktivist, SAD_MONKEY feels interest in him..." (Watch The Trailer up)

IO, an Original Series

Inspired by true events and characters, io was entirely conceived to tell a great and immersive story. Now Io is an Award-Winning Web Series, in many International Webfest !

A unique way of filming

We wanted to surprise the viewer every minute, so to start with, io is entirely filmed in a Subjective Point of View. An this is only a part of the many surprises you'll live with the series

An entertaining and complex story

At first sight, io is only a fun story. But when you get to the Season Finale, you realize how much the story of io is complex and mysterious.

Appealing and Fun Characters

Each characters of io is unique and fun to watch. A hard work was done by the Cast to make them more appealing.

A Cross-Media and Interactive Universe

The Series in only the start of the io Experience. Become a true hacker and help Sad_Monkey just here Monkey Society